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Our Loris Brand Story

"Loris spreads the scents she notates in Turkey to the world..."

Loris, a giant chain of stores with hundreds of branches and thousands of employees, has been operating in the perfume market since 2006. The story of this initiative, which was born in the years when this sector was just starting to be talked about in Turkey, is hidden in the notes of perfume. Currently, it provides services with more than 250 branches in Turkey and more than 400 branches and thousands of employees in the world.

Loris, which produces fragrances that touch the souls of millions of people every year with its perfume and by-product groups, produces millions of bottles of perfume every year in its production facility in Gebze, Kocaeli. Addressing a wide geography stretching from the Middle East to Europe, the brand produces creatively, inquisitively and at world standards with the principle of "universality of perfume".

Loris, who offers a solution not only to the in-house needs but also to the shortage of qualified personnel in the sector with the Loris Academy he founded, has trained hundreds of young people as perfumers so far. The brand, which created the Perfumeology curriculum for store employees, started a training program implemented by experienced trainers on many topics such as personal development, professional development, sales competencies, leadership skills, product and brand knowledge.

The brand, which is sensitive about producing the most beautiful scents in the world in the highest quality and offering them to its customers at economical prices, has raised the bar to the next level to achieve quality. InoLab (Innovative Fragrance Laboratory), which also has the GCMS technology it founded, has started to achieve great success in the management of fragrance experts and chemists with its R&D laboratory. Loris' design group, which she calls DesignHub (Perfume's signature), manages the company's communication activities for all channels.

LORIS is taking strong steps towards becoming a global cosmetics brand with its innovative creations and competitive product range, and in this context, it continues to expand its supply chain by showing the success of exporting to many continents, especially the European continent. Its productions, which are carried out subject to the permissions of the Ministry of Health, are prepared in accordance with ISO 22716:2007 GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and imported essences are prepared in accordance with IFRA (International Essence Association standards) without sacrificing hygiene and quality, and are offered for sale after passing organoleptic, physical and chemical tests (Purity Test GC_MS Device) in its fully equipped laboratory. The primary basic principle in the brand vision, which is designed by keeping customer satisfaction and expectations always high, is the understanding of quality. In this direction, feedback is meticulously examined and reported within the brand according to the Customer Satisfaction ISO 10002:2004 Quality Standard. 

The "Superior Quality Badge" received at the Anatolian Quality Summit Award Night is a good reflection of the sensitive work carried out in this regard. LORIS will continue its journey in the cosmetics industry by bringing you together with new fragrance trends with its experience from the past to the future, its R&D approach that always aims at high quality and is open to continuous development.

Loris, which supports its franchises from A to Z with the dealership opportunities it offers, opens new doors for entrepreneurs with its turnkey branch facilities. It offers a business model with reasonable investment.

Continuing on its way with a growth above the sector average, Loris aims to increase the number of branches in shopping malls in Turkey and in European countries abroad in 2019.


To be the leader in Turkey and the most preferred local brand in the world with products that provide user happiness.


To offer healthy, easily accessible and quality products to our consumers at an affordable price with a high service understanding.

To make teamwork effective by benefiting from each other's experiences with our employees with freedom of thought, principled and original working criteria.

To provide high benefit to our stakeholders by establishing a wide marketing network with distributors and dealers.

Our United Kingdom Story:

Loris has opened it's first branches in the UK in September 2023. Our mission is bringing the best quality Turkish perfume to you, wherever you are!

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